Hello 2020... New Year & New Goals

Happy New Year from us at Rustic Branches! We hope you all were able to relax and spend quality time with family. We had the best holiday and are excited to start a New Year and a new decade. 

With each new year comes a fresh start. A time to reset with new priorities and intentions for yourself or your business. While we don't necessarily set resolutions we do set goals for ourselves or as a family. While each of us has our own goal individually, together as a family we set a new word of the year we want to focus on. It's a way we can all hold each other accountable for what we want to focus on. 

Last year in 2019 our word/phrase was "BE PRESENT" with each other. In a digital age and everyone relying on phones, apps, texting, emails and a long running to do list and commitments, we wanted to make sure we were also making time to BE PRESENT with each other. Soaking in the memories, the laughter, the loud chaos, and the quiet moments. It meant getting down on the floor and playing with our toddler, building Legos or playing kitchen. It also meant, playing games, going on coffee dates, having movie nights, baking together and relaxing in between the list of to do's. We slowed down life, said more no's to all the commitments and said yes to being with each other. It didn't mean we put down our phones completely, (because let's face it, that's not reality) we were just more aware of when we were on our devices and held each other accountable to being in the moment and not missing the moments. It was a year of growth for all 5 of us and we sure did make some amazing memories with each other even in between all the busyness of life and we will continue to BE PRESENT with each other in 2020, and we encourage you to be as well. 

Looking ahead to 2020, a new decade, we chose our word to be "MINDFUL". It's a good follow up to BE PRESENT. Mindful- is to be conscious or aware of something, focusing ones awareness on the present moment and being inclined and willing to do something. Taking time for ourselves and each other to soak in the present moment. 

We are excited for 2020 and look forward to new chapters and new opportunities. We can't wait to work on our priorities and goals for this next year. Keeping up with this blog will be one of them. It will be lifestyle, home decor, recipes, traveling, parenthood and a little glimpse into what life is like over her at the Rustic Branches household! Looking forward to a fun new year and excited for you to follow along too!

Happy New Year friends and family!

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